Monday Sep 1 11:55pm

I start school tomorrow which is horrible cuz I haven’t gone to school in a year but I’m a little excited to fill my brain with new knowledge and fall in love with all the new petty girls on campus :)

Monday Sep 1 11:54pm


David Lynch (Universal Studios, 1981)

Monday Sep 1 11:51pm
Monday Sep 1 07:00pm

Check the tee


Check the tee

Monday Sep 1 06:21pm
Monday Sep 1 03:00pm

i start school tomorrow and i need to move in to my new house in a few hours. LiFE iS TiGHT!

Monday Sep 1 03:55am


Monday Sep 1 03:43am
Sunday Aug 31 07:00pm

Sunday Aug 31 03:00pm
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